Need help interpreting debug log for Wine hard loop

Miguel Feitosa list at
Thu Oct 3 15:24:34 CDT 2002

Hi Sean,

I recently tried to get a Borland Gui win3.1 app to run
without success.

Actually, all apps of this type that I tried failed when
initializing with problems relative to GUI construction.

wine --debugmsg +relay 

and see if you have [like I did] a situation where

1) A new window call was succesffully executed, a handle was assigned

2) A call that does something with the window gets executed and fails
with an invalid window handle exception.

This was repeated in all the apps I tried.

Something between 1 and 2 was corrupting the windows.
The window did start rendering though.

Sorry not to be specific , the wine history pages may
have some of the emails I sent at the time [march-02].

Send me some logs and I will try to remember if they
have the same problem that I had..

Miguel Feitosa

On Thu, 2002-10-03 at 17:03, Sean Millichamp wrote:
> I hope this isn't too off-topic for the wine-devel list but I asked for
> debugging help on wine-users a couple of days ago and got no reply so
> maybe that isn't the right place to ask about debugging help?  I bought
> and use Codeweaver's Crossover product to drive Office and have fiddled
> with Wine briefly on and off over the years but other then that I am
> mostly a Wine newbie.
> I am trying to make an old Windows 3.1 application work and it appears
> to be causing Wine to go into a hard loop while loading.  For what it's
> worth, this application is called "Travex" and is used in the health
> care industry.  I think it uses the Win 3.1 era Borland GUI toolkit in
> case it matters.
> I followed the directions on the website for debugging and have a
> --debugmsg warn+all +loaddll output that I only can vaguely interpret.
> Wine enters the hard loop somewhere following the debug log.  I tried
> debug logs at various other levels including a relay log/trace (though I
> have no idea what it is) and +all and under those levels the same output
> keeps getting outputted to the log as Wine loops.
> I am not a Windows developer although I have done a little with C under
> Linux.  Is there anyone who could help me figure out what is going
> wrong?  I'd be happy to make the logs available for http or send them in
> email.  Unfortunately, I can't provide the application itself due to
> licensing issues (it's a commercial package).
> I have tested it with Wine from RH 7.3, Wine from 10/01 CVS, and
> Codeweavers Crossover Office 1.0 (just for kicks).  All three exhibit
> the same behavior.  I tried the Wine from 10/01 in both Win98 and Win31
> behavior mode.  No change.
> The application runs just fine in Windows 98.  I installed it in my
> fake_windows in Wine and have tried running it from there as well as my
> real Windows partition.  No change.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
> Sean

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