Need help interpreting debug log for Wine hard loop

Miguel Feitosa list at
Thu Oct 3 17:07:10 CDT 2002

I think my app failed after CreateWindow.
Could be SHowWindow...

On Thu, 2002-10-03 at 19:03, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Sean Millichamp <sean at> writes:
> > Here is what appears to be looping:
> > 08ec96c8:Call USER.109: PEEKMESSAGE(0487:e792,0000,0000,0000,0001) ret=05bf:24ed ds=05d7
> > [...]
> > 08ec96c8:Ret  USER.109: PEEKMESSAGE() retval=0000 ret=05bf:24ed ds=05d7
> That's a standard PeekMessage loop. My first guess is that this is the
> application main loop but for some reason the main window didn't get
> displayed, so it doesn't get any messages. Look before the loop for a
> failing CreateWindow or ShowWindow call.
> -- 
> Alexandre Julliard
> julliard at

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