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On 04 Oct 2002, dpaun at wrote:

> On October 4, 2002 11:10 am, Paul Rupe wrote:
>> If you mean the way it redraws only the part covered by the previous
>> menu and blanks the rest of the window, that is new. 
> Fixed in K6. Give it a try.

That fixed it.  Now I notice another problem.  I have two newsservers set 
up.  One has 26 groups all of which are subscribed.  The other has about 
50,000 with only 13 subscribed.  When I open the 50,000 one the window is 
blank, but if I hit the "All" button at the bottom (toggles between showing 
all newsgroups and only subscribed ones) everything displays fine.  Hit it 
again to show only subscribed groups and the window goes blank.  No amount 
of redrawing seems to fix it this time.  The other server with only 26 
newsgroups is fine either way though.  This looks like a different problem, 
maybe having to do with the presence of a scrollbar or just having such a 
large number of rows.

> We're not gonna feel as fast as Windows, that's that. But we shouldn't
> be dogs either. Please let me know if you find some things sluggish,
> or just plain broken.

Thanks, I'll keep playing with it.

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