msvcrt tests

György 'Nog' Jeney nog at
Sun Oct 6 14:20:34 CDT 2002

> Im trying to write regression tests for the sscanf function but ran into
> some
> problems.  First, there were some conflicts with the defines in the
> headers with my linux ones, but that was fixed simply by defining
> USE_MSVCRT_PREFIX. Whenever I try to run the test it spews out an error:
> undefind reference to func_sscanf.  Ofcourse there is no export for
> func_sscanf because it was prefixed to avoid a naming conflict with the
> unix defines.  How do I get this
> to work? If its not prefixed, then there is a conflict but if it is then
> it cant find the export.

Sorry, this is my fault, In my test I had START_TEST(scanf) instead of
START_TEST(sscanf). It works now.


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