building ntdll on cygwin

Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at
Thu Oct 10 11:22:44 CDT 2002

David Fraser wrote:

> I've been trying to build ntdll and various other dlls (I'm actually 
> interested in gdi
> and x11drv) for cygwin as well.
> I tried building ntdll with the latest CVS which includes Alexandre's 
> patch from below.
> However I still get lots of errors saying
> variable '_wine_ldt_copy' can't be auto-imported. Please read the ld 
> --enable-auto-import docs for details
> There are a few recommendations in the ld man page about how to avoid 
> this;
> either by declaring the variable as __declspec(dllimport) or using a 
> pointer to it instead.
> Has anyone else solved this problem, as I don't want to go through 
> lots of the code doing
> something someone else has done? Or am I missing the point?

I do not have X installed with my current Cygwin so I cant help with 
x11drv and gdi atm. This problem with --enable-auto-import goes away in 
ntdll when doing "./configure--disable-win16" with the latest cvs 
(Thanks Alexandre). If I can get time to get X reinstalled under Cygwin 
I will give gdi and x11drv a shot tonight.


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