building ntdll on cygwin

David Fraser davidf at
Fri Oct 11 01:18:26 CDT 2002

Steven Edwards wrote:

> David Fraser wrote:
>> I've been trying to build ntdll and various other dlls (I'm actually 
>> interested in gdi
>> and x11drv) for cygwin as well.
>> I tried building ntdll with the latest CVS which includes Alexandre's 
>> patch from below.
>> However I still get lots of errors saying
>> variable '_wine_ldt_copy' can't be auto-imported. Please read the ld 
>> --enable-auto-import docs for details
>> There are a few recommendations in the ld man page about how to avoid 
>> this;
>> either by declaring the variable as __declspec(dllimport) or using a 
>> pointer to it instead.
>> Has anyone else solved this problem, as I don't want to go through 
>> lots of the code doing
>> something someone else has done? Or am I missing the point?
> I do not have X installed with my current Cygwin so I cant help with 
> x11drv and gdi atm. This problem with --enable-auto-import goes away 
> in ntdll when doing "./configure--disable-win16" with the latest cvs 
> (Thanks Alexandre). If I can get time to get X reinstalled under 
> Cygwin I will give gdi and x11drv a shot tonight.
> Thanks
> Steven
Funny, I still get the --enable-auto-import problem with ./configure 
--disable-win16 with the latest CVS.
I've even tried ./configure --disable-win16 --with-x=no to make sure it 
wasn't X that was producing the problem
I did a make clean and make distclean before updating CVS and running 
configure and make so I can't
see why a patch that fixes it for you doesn't fix it for me...
I'm using the latest cygwin gcc 3.2 (20020818) so maybe this is the 
problem? Are you using gcc 2.96 still?
I'm just trying compiling under mingw to see if I get any different 

By the way the reason for gdi and x11drv is an idea that came up on the 
cygwin-xfree86 mailing list that
led to a project called XOpenWin (
Basically it's still very investigative but the idea is that if we could 
port the Wine x11drv to cygwin,
we could make standard Windows GDI applications run in X Windows under 
cygwin. This leads to a whole
lot of very interesting possibilities...
I've got all the source for x11drv compiling under cygwin, but linking 
is a problem.
However in order to get it to actually work it would probably mean 
extracting a lot of the wine stuff out
(for that reason the code in the XOpenWin CVS doesn't compile at all as 
it's heading in that direction)
I'm sure this project would be interesting both to ReactOS and to other 
people in the wine-dev mailing list so that's
why I mention it here (I was waiting until we got stuff compiling)...

Thanks for the help...

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