Getting actively involved in the Wine project

Thomas Wickline twickline2 at
Sat Oct 19 06:00:51 CDT 2002

 From the page:

PR manager

Currently we almost have no Public Relationship management at all. This 
should change for the better.

Currently almost the only form of PR is "preaching to the choir", since 
we're having articles on online IT sites (by far most are Linux only !). 
We should have much more coverage on traditional Windowsish sites and, 
most importantly, in dead-tree newspapers, to enlighten the general 
public also known as The Great Unwashed Masses !


Wine users , CodeWeavers & WineX customers could do Previews/Demo's at there
local lug meetings as well.. This is what I did a couple months back and 
it was a huge
success there were Windows users at the meeting to see Linux and Win 
app's being
run on Linux ... Also it gives Linux users a look at wine as well.
So I suggest that we try to encourage wine users to volinteer to show 
Wine at there
local user groups/Installfest/Computer shows and so on.

This is not a PR manager but it is PR......


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