Martin Wilck Martin.Wilck at
Thu Oct 24 04:38:36 CDT 2002

Dear Shachar,

Thanks for this clean and convincing model.

> As for printer drivers, and services at large - there is a major 
> question here of whether we wish Wine services to be able to server 
> non-wine processes. If the answer is "yes", as is probably the case with 
> an Adobe PDF printer driver, or with a winmodem's driver, root must 
> install them.

You mean Administrator here, right? I still think Administrator != root.
If e.g. CUPS passes PDF data to a wine printer driver acting as a
filter, I don't see why this filter would need to run as root. The
winmodem is different because it requires hardware access.

> If the answer is "no", then there is no breaking of the model. With the 
> directory structure as defined today, each user can install it, claiming 
> full admin rights over the loca directory structure. Of course, the new 
> adobe's printer driver only serves his programs.

Yes, both approaches can actually coexist on the same machine. Great!
Now someone just needs to start implementing security handling in


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