How can an app detect it's running under WINE?

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Fri Oct 25 02:51:51 CDT 2002

>>>>> "Alberto" == Alberto Massari <alby at> writes:

    Alberto> Hi everybody, I am working on making our software (Stylus
    Alberto> Studio, run under WINE, if this is
    Alberto> feasible. To achieve this, I have already implemented a bunch
    Alberto> of APIs (the application is built against the UNICODE version
    Alberto> of the Win32 APIs) and fixed some bugs I hit (I already mailed
    Alberto> the first patch to wine-patches at

    Alberto> However, I would feel better if I could detect I am running
    Alberto> under WINE and gracefully disable some functionalities that are
    Alberto> not yet fully supported; is there any way to achieve this? Is
    Alberto> there a WIN32 API (like, say, GetVersionEx) that can return a
    Alberto> string like "Windows 2000 (WINE)" or is WINE trying to be as
    Alberto> stealth as possible?

You can query for example the wine registry entries.


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