Control Panel Application does not start

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Sat Oct 26 12:15:17 CDT 2002

>>>>> "Stefan" == Stefan Leichter <Stefan.Leichter at> writes:

    Stefan> Am Donnerstag 24 Oktober 2002 23:32 schrieb Vincent B,bi(Bron:
    >> Le mer 23/10/2002 ,b`(B 15:23, Stefan Leichter a ,bi(Bcrit : > Hello,
    >> >
    >> I don't see where the traces for DOSFS_FindUnixName come from (except
    >> the first one). Did you added them yourself?

    Stefan> yes

    >> Else, I don't think it's the \" which cause problem. DOSFS_ReadDir
    >> (and others before it) are able to locate the proper directory (and
    >> DOSFS_ReadDir enumerates it's content correctly). The problem seems
    >> to come from this:

    Stefan> the '\' is not in the string it gets added by the debug output
    Stefan> (TRACE, debugstr_a)


we are talking about the additional quote '"' (Gaensefuesschen oben :-)),
not the backslash '\\'. The quote is i.m.h.o causing the problem.

If you look at the original debug trace, you see an explicitly quoted string
passed to DOSFS_FindXXX function. It's probably addes by the calling shell

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