Wine securityflaw: Protect against root

David D. Hagood wowbagger at
Sun Oct 27 08:55:38 CST 2002

Eric Pouech wrote:

> does rm have such an option ? rm doesn't, so I don't see any reason for

Actually, rm DOES have such an option:
     -i, --interactive
               prompt before any removal

AND certain distros (RedHat for example) alias rm to "rm -i" by default.

Also, I stated that the command line parameter to wine would be required 
to even start the process - in other words, if you didn't supply it, you 
would not get the dialog, wine would just terminate.

AND, this would not necessarily have to be bloat in wine, it could be 
handled by a default wrapper - the wrapper checks UID and command flags, 
provides feedback if Wine needs to rebuild the font cache, etc.

You represent one extreme of the spectrum - "This isn't Wine's job, we 
shouldn't do anything."

The other side - "Wine should be safe. If things aren't safe, don't 
run", has also been represented here.

I'm just suggesting a middle ground.

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