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Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Mon Oct 28 09:32:21 CST 2002


When I try to use the tab control in a VB6 program it exits with an error
dialog: "Can't load 'SSTab' from TabCtl32.ocx. TabCtl32.ocx is probably
too old."
This is with builtin dlls. It works when I set ole.dll and oleaut32.dll to
native. Winedbg doesn't give more information, it just looks like:

--- (snip) ---
No debug information in 32bit DLL 'C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\VB6DE.DLL' (0x66630000)
No debug information in 32bit DLL 'C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\TABCTL32.OCX' (0x212f0000)

(here comes the error dialog, OK)

Invalid address for breakpoint 1, disabling it
Invalid address for breakpoint 2, disabling it
Process of pid=08112ba8 has terminated

I also made some traces with +ole but I couldn't see any reasons why
it fails. Also a bt at the moment of the popup doesn't show much, it's
all inside MSVBVM60.DLL.

If somebody wants to try, here's a small test project and exe (VB6).
The TabCtl32.ocx in my case is from SP4. I don't know if this matters.


bye   Fabi

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