MSVCRT: added support for re-throwing exceptions

Patrik Stridvall ps at
Mon Oct 28 09:50:51 CST 2002

> "Patrik Stridvall" <ps at> wrote:
> > [1] All tests currenly doesn't compile quite yet, but the
> > infrastructure is in place. I haven't had much time to look at
> > it yet. Help would be nice...
> Patrik, what kind of help do you need regarding this issue?
> I'll gladly help when I have time.

[I assume any reader is knows how to use MS VC++,
 Especially how to use workspaces with multi projects]

First of all you need two computers.
One with Windows and Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
One with some Unix supported by Wine and Samba installed.

Unpack (or better download with CVS) Wine on the Unix computer.

cd wine

Export the wine directory on the Unix computer using Samba and
mount it on the Windows computer.

Open the file winetest.dsw in the wine directory (generated by msvcmaker)
using Microsoft Visual C++. Now you can compile and run the tests.

Or rather you should be able to. All the tests doesn't compile.
That what I want help with. 

The second step would be actually getting all the tests to not fail as

PS. Note that you can try to compile all of Wine as well by opening
wine.dsw instead. Of course that doesn't compile either but that have
less priority than the tests...

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