more desperate cries for help...

Greg Turner gmturner007 at Ameritech.Net
Mon Oct 28 11:46:49 CST 2002

o I don't yet know how to properly raise and catch exceptions in
  wine.  I see some examples, but I don't see any of try/finally,
  of which I am a big fan and would probably like to use.
  Is there a guide somewhere on how to do these things?

o If we want MIDL generated code to compile in winelib, we are
  going to have to implement the RpcTryExcept and RpcTryFinally
  macros.  I think I heard somewhere that, these are somewhat
  mysterious macros, i.e., their implementation is based on compiler
  magic instead of normal header files... how on earth shall we deal
  with that?  I tried grepping the psdk header files and they map to
  __try, __except, __finally, and so on.... does wine have those?

Thanks again for any assistance,


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