winapi update

Patrik Stridvall ps at
Tue Oct 29 09:15:14 CST 2002

> On October 29, 2002 09:32 am, Patrik Stridvall wrote:
> > *** winapi_check
> >
> > * tools/winapi/win16.api,
> >   tools/winapi/win32.api:
> > API file update.
> >
> > *** winapi_checked
> Patrik, please send different patches in different emails.

I try to do that more and more.

However in this case there are some logical relation between the patches.

Every issue winapi_check reports results in either a patch
to winapi_check (winapi_check.diff) or a patch to some
source file (winapi_checked.diff).

So if you wish to find any possible misstake I might have done
your really should read both.

OK, this time they might be not so useful to read both since they
are almost 100% percent independant but that is not always 
when I do the winapi_check update.

> See past discussions for rationale.

I remember. :-)

Speaking of which:
Why not, instead of complaining to people who doesn't
(or only partly) listens, write some sort of mail "filter"
the reformats the mail to one or more mail of a more
appropriate format. Inline attachments and that sort of things...

Then we could have a wine-patches-filtered mailing list
for people that like the patches in a specific format.

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