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Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Tue Oct 29 21:25:50 CST 2002

"Patrik Stridvall" <ps at> wrote:

> > On October 29, 2002 11:27 am, Patrik Stridvall wrote:
> > > Anyway, I can't inline my patches the because Microsoft 
> > Outlook wraps
> > > the lines and I sure a lot of other people that use attachments have
> > > similar problems.
> > 
> > And can't be turned off?!? Hmmm, anyway, just attach them as 
> > text/plain.
> I have no idea how or if it is possible to do either.

This is a part of my mail sent to Guy in order to help him to send patches
using Outlook Express. I hope that it will be helpful for Outlook users too.


Since I was using OE to send patches, I have found a way to send diffs as
attachments and without \n vs. \r\n problem.

You need following two things to make it work.

1. Make sure that .diff files have \r\n line ends, because if OE detects
that there is no \r\n line endings it switches to quoted-printable format

2. Using regedit add key "Content Type" with value "text/plain" to the
.diff extension under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT (same as for .txt extension). This
tells OE to use Content-Type: text/plain instead of application/octet-stream.


Item #1 is important. After you hit "Send" button, go to "Outbox" and using
"Properties" verify the message source to make sure that the mail has correct
format. You might want to send several test e-mails to yourself too.


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