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Andreas Mohr andi at
Wed Oct 30 00:48:45 CST 2002

On Wed, Oct 30, 2002 at 11:25:50AM +0800, Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> "Patrik Stridvall" <ps at> wrote:
> > > On October 29, 2002 11:27 am, Patrik Stridvall wrote:
> > > > Anyway, I can't inline my patches the because Microsoft 
> > > Outlook wraps
> > > > the lines and I sure a lot of other people that use attachments have
> > > > similar problems.
> > > 
> > > And can't be turned off?!? Hmmm, anyway, just attach them as 
> > > text/plain.
> > 
> > I have no idea how or if it is possible to do either.
> This is a part of my mail sent to Guy in order to help him to send patches
> using Outlook Express. I hope that it will be helpful for Outlook users too.
> Since I was using OE to send patches, I have found a way to send diffs as
> attachments and without \n vs. \r\n problem.
> You need following two things to make it work.
> 1. Make sure that .diff files have \r\n line ends, because if OE detects
> that there is no \r\n line endings it switches to quoted-printable format
> attachments.
> 2. Using regedit add key "Content Type" with value "text/plain" to the
> .diff extension under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT (same as for .txt extension). This
> tells OE to use Content-Type: text/plain instead of application/octet-stream.
Ah the joys of forcing even utterly BROKEN programs like Outlock into
half-compliance with today's reasonable standards that are being obeyed
by everyone else but Microsoft ("EEBM")...

I guess we might want to put a linked page right next to the wine-patches
mailing list stuff about certain helpful settings for some email programs
(if they deserve to be called like that)...

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