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Wed Oct 30 08:11:11 CST 2002

>>>>> "Ian" == Ian Pilcher <pilchman at> writes:

    Ian> Ender wrote:
    >> - No developers, because of two other issues:

    Ian> Don't forget our friend, the Win32 API.  Most people with an
    Ian> incentive to work on Wine are familiar with C, POSIX, etc.  The
    Ian> first time they look at Win32 code, the get a splitting headache
    Ian> and decide it's not worth it.  People who think that the Win32 API
    Ian> is a thing of beauty (I suppose there must be some) tend to use
    Ian> Windows.


think of Win32 as a user library, just like Motif or QT. So the "thing of
beauty" ( or missing beauty) gets relative...


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