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Matthew Bloch matthew at
Wed Oct 30 19:53:23 CST 2002

On Thursday 31 October 2002 01:14, you wrote:
> Matthew Bloch <matthew at> writes:
> > $WINE/tools/winebuild/winebuild \
> >   -exe LSNClient.exe -mgui Builds/native-debug-linux/Source/*.o \
> >   -L$WINE/dlls -luser32 -lgdi32 -ladvapi32 -lkernel32 -lddraw -ldsound \
> >   -lwinmm -ldisplay -ldispdib >Source/LSNClient.exe.c
> display and dispdib are 16-bit dlls, you shouldn't import them.

Still does the same thing whether I include then on the winebuild cmd line or 
not.  Could you explain what the error message "loaded .so but dll ... not 
found" means?  What does display.dll do?

> >  What efficiency gains will I make
> > compiling a native "shared library exe" with gcc as opposed to just
> > compiling with Visual C and running it under the normal WINE binary
> > loader?
> There are basically no efficiency gains, there is no overhead in
> running a PE exe compared to a native one.

Okay, but presumably it's easier (as in not impossible!) for me to debug a 
program with GDB if I'm using a elf binary as opposed to a PE binary, which 
is mostly my object here.


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