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Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Wed Oct 30 19:46:00 CST 2002

Matthew Bloch <matthew at> writes:

> Still does the same thing whether I include then on the winebuild cmd line or 
> not.  Could you explain what the error message "loaded .so but dll ... not 
> found" means?  What does display.dll do?

The message means that Wine is trying to load a 32-bit display.dll but
doesn't find one (since is a 16-bit dll). I don't see
how you could get that message if you don't import display; are you
sure you cleaned/recompiled all the relevant files?

display.dll is the 16-bit display driver interface that some 16-bit
apps expect to find loaded; you shouldn't need it at all.

> Okay, but presumably it's easier (as in not impossible!) for me to debug a 
> program with GDB if I'm using a elf binary as opposed to a PE binary, which 
> is mostly my object here.

Yes of course, this is a good reason for using ELF (though the wine
debugger should be able to debug the PE binary, especially if you have
the symbols for it).

Alexandre Julliard
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