Versions & mass-appeal

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Thu Oct 31 03:13:57 CST 2002

Johan Gill wrote:

>Even with perfectly working builtin dlls, one needs overrides for the
>native dlls that are proprietary, or the loading will fail. Or is this a
>/Johan Gill, johane at
The way I see it, no windows installs of wine should have dll load order 
set to "native, builtin" for all DLLs.

The rational is that, as no DLL originally came from a native windows 
environment, all dlls present in the system are from various installs. 
It was therefor the application's install decision to override the dll 
available at the time of install with a new version. For that to 
properly work, it must be possible to query the builtin DLLs version 
with the APIs available to standard installers, and have the version 
reported for our DLLs be comparable to DLLs of same functionality 
available on Windows. I am not sure where that stands at the moment, 


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