ALSA 0.9 sound problems

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sun Sep 1 03:10:08 CDT 2002

TJ a écrit :
> Hi =)
> I have ALSA 0.9 with OSS compat modules.
> I recently got DeusEx to run (on Wine w/ openGL, not talking about WineX)
> However using winealsa.drv sound is very laggy and lots of nasty clicks
> and hissing occurs, but if I use wineoss.drv sound is fine??
the way the wine OSS driver and the wine Alsa driver control streaming
data to the sound card is a bit different, so it's possible to get
different effects thru different wine drivers. I'm not telling that Alsa
behavior is correct :-(
setting this correctly isn't trivial, because it also depends on lots of
- how the program sends its sounds bits
- how your current system is loaded
- ...
not so many people work on Alsa 0.9 these days, so if you want to give
it a shot, be welcome


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