Strange CVS problem (help!!!)

Patrik Stridvall ps at
Fri Sep 6 17:33:42 CDT 2002

> On September 6, 2002 05:16 pm, Lionel Ulmer wrote:
> > > As of lately, this no longer happens: I get a big fat 
> conflic for all
> > > the changes I submit! This is *very* annoying. Anyone knows
> > > how to fix this behaviour? Alexandre, are you doing anything
> > > different?
> >
> > Maybe automatic white-space stripping at commit time ?
> I was thinking of that, but I get a conflict on _every_ hunk...
> How can I avoid it, this is really, really bad. In particular,
> if I submit a large patch, and then I continue working on
> a different part of the file, I am in trouble...

Try running winapi_cleanup before generating the patch.
Running it before doing "cvs update" might also help.

winapi_cleanup strips trailing white-space from .c and .h files.

Note that you have to install it first.

cd tools/winapi
make install

Then you can run it in whatever directory you like
and it converts the .c and .h files. You can also
run it on specific files like:

winapi_cleanup foo.c bar.c baz.h

PS. It is "intelligent" and only actually modifies files
that needs to be modified so the timestamp on the
files that needn't be modified remains.

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