Disregard Resent:[From Steven Edwards]PATCH: Fix build wcmd on windows

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 7 18:15:11 CDT 2002

--- Uwe Bonnes <bon at elektron.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de> wrote:
> Please disregard for now, as compiling wcmd as winelib application fails
> when "unsigned __int64" is used. From reading MSDN it seems that "unsigned
> __int32" should be used however.

So should we just #ifdef the code for _WINDOWS or redefine in port.h unsigned __int64 to unsigned
__int32? I would like to get wcmd workinng as ReactOS now has simple windowing going and we are
close to getting winemine and a few other simple win32 applications going.


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