Direct3D v8 and Xbox Linux

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at
Wed Sep 11 07:39:25 CDT 2002


--- Roland <roland at> wrote:
> Now another point: I'm willing to help Wine trough
> advertising: I could 
> regularly post a message to some Newsgroups asking
> for more developers to 
> join the Wine effort.

maybe you do not know, but some people call this form
of advertising "spam"

> Do you want this kind of
> advertising? If yes, just 
> tell me which Newsgroups you would like me to post
> and I will start posting.

Many people on this list strongly disapprove this
approach. Search the list archives for "spam" keyword.

Imagine all the Windows and Linux projects on
Sourceforge posted requests for help to wine-devel?
Or Windows developers asking questions about Windows?

Boston, MA

As an employee of an oil company, let me assure you
that nothing, and I mean NOTHING scares a big company
more than a noisy, smelly, obnoxious, disaffected
pressure group.
Now go away and chain yourself to someone important's
front door. 

TheRegister. Unknown

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