Direct3D v8 and Xbox Linux

Roland roland at
Tue Sep 10 22:19:36 CDT 2002


great job to start coding Direct3D! Keep on the work. Just another input:
You certainly have heard about the x-box linux 

Well, Linux already runs on the Xbox, and the Xbox uses Direct3D. I suppose 
that there will be some hackers interested in writing Linux games to run on 
the Xbox, so it might be a good idea to join efforts, or to find some other 
programmers also interested in helping out implementing Direct3D in Wine.

Now another point: I'm willing to help Wine trough advertising: I could 
regularly post a message to some Newsgroups asking for more developers to 
join the Wine effort. Do you want this kind of advertising? If yes, just 
tell me which Newsgroups you would like me to post and I will start posting.

I was thinking about posting in the Linux/Windows developer Forums.

All suggestions welcome, also about how the ads should look like...


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