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Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Tue Sep 10 21:59:04 CDT 2002

"Ann and Jason Edmeades" <us at> writes:

> 1. To get this working without a low level driver, I have currently added
> the following line to x11drv.spec:
>     # Hack for now, d3d
>     @ cdecl d3dhack(long) X11DRV_get_client_window
> Unfortunately I couldnt find anyway to get a GL context from a HWND as it
> stood. Without this line, nothing is going to appear, but long term I
> realize it will need fixing. Does anyone have any thoughts as to how to
> handle this, or would this hack be acceptable until a better solution is
> found?

You should be able to use the x11drv escape mechanism that opengl is
using too (look at wgl.c). It's not very clean either but at least it
doesn't require exporting new functions.

> 2. Currently I have all my modules in the d3d8 directory:
> 	d3d8_main.c                 d3d8.dll.dbg.c
> 	d3d8.spec.c                 IDirect3D8.c
> 	IDirect3DDevice8.c          IDirect3DResource8.c
> 	IDirect3DVertexBuffer8.c    IDirect3DVolume8.c
> 	IDirect3DSwapChain8.c       IDirect3DSurface8.c
> 	IDirect3DIndexBuffer8.c     IDirect3DBaseTexture8.c
> 	IDirect3DCubeTexture8.c     IDirect3DTexture8.c
> 	IDirect3DVolumeTexture8.c
> This does not tie in with the direct draw code - Do you want me to try and
> put implementations into the ddraw directories, so that a common
> implementation can be attempted (will require us to somehow bridge the
> d3d8.dll / ddraw.dll gap), or carry on as I have done, which will minimize
> the code size pulled in for directx8 programs?

I think it's fine to leave them in d3d8. That seems to be where they
belong if I understand this stuff correctly (but I don't claim to
really know anything about d3d8...)

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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