Standard controls

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Wed Sep 11 11:12:37 CDT 2002

"Dimitrie O. Paun" <dpaun at> writes:

> We have the standard controls bundled with USER,
> just like Windows. In fact, it seems XP bundles
> them with the common control, but that's another
> story. My point is, that there's no logical reason
> they should be in USER. In fact, in the future
> we may want to provide other implementations which
> integrate better with GNOME and/or KDE.
> So what about moving them to a separate DLL, say winectrl?

Sounds like you have too much time on your hands these days ;-)
I think they are just fine in USER. GNOME/KDE integration would
require a lot more than just hacking the standard controls anyway.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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