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Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Wed Sep 11 12:00:47 CDT 2002

Steven Edwards <steven_ed4153 at> writes:

> I thought the WINE tree and regression suite would try and move away from a perl dependancy?
> How is all of this going to effect building on Windows/ReactOS with Mingw? I have had a bitch of a
> time getting Mingw+MSYS+Perl working and would hate to see it become a bigger requirement. If
> -mno-cygwin worked right I dont guess it would be as big of a deal because then we could still
> build WINE-Mingw under cyg but atm some import is still hosing things up and forcing importation
> of cygwin1.dll so the recommended setup is just Mingw+MSYS.

Yes, we should try to move away from the Perl requirement for
regression tests. It was considered OK to depend on it because the
framework itself was based on Perl, but now that all tests are done in
C anyway we should probably get rid of it. In any case Perl should
never be a requirement for building Wine itself.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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