Netapi32 ??

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Mon Sep 16 11:59:19 CDT 2002

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Wilck <Martin.Wilck at> writes:

    Martin> The app I am trying to port with winelib makes heavy use of
    Martin> calls to the netapi32 DLL to check for permissions, etc.

    Martin> I just took a glance over the spec file and found it consists
    Martin> mainly of stubs.

    Martin> Is anybody (Mike?) currently working on netapi32, are there
    Martin> plans to implement larger parts, what are the main problems?

    Martin> I guess this points towards the general Wine/Samba integration
    Martin> that Mike has been talking about earlier...

In my understanding, netapi only chunks down to lower lever driver, like
netbios etc. If the driver of your application end in doing real hardware
access or strange protocolls, things will get fishy...

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