documentation dir

Eric POUECH Eric.Pouech at
Wed Sep 18 03:10:42 CDT 2002

>   -- documentation/shell32 should be moved as a README in the dlls/shell32
> 	Script:
> 	 cp documentation/shell32 dlls/shell32/README
> 	 cvs rm -f documentation/shell32
> 	 cvs add dlls/shell32/README
> 	 cvs ci -m "Rename documentation/shell32 to dlls/shell32/README" documentation dlls/shell32
well, not sure I agree here... we should decide where to put DLL specific documentation
as of today, some modules are documented with a (plain text) README in their dir
some others are DocBook:ed in documentation (and most of them, the .sgml has been made up from the plaintext file)
IMO, most of the documentation (even the internals description, status of DLL) should be made in the DocBook form


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