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Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Thu Sep 19 13:16:51 CDT 2002

On September 18, 2002 01:51 pm, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> >   -- rename installation-und-konfiguration.german
> > 	We have already a, we should be consistent.
> But installation-und-konfiguration.german is not really a translation
> of the README. I think it should rather be integrated into the German
> translation of the sgml doc when someone writes it...

Yeah, it's a tough one. In general, I was thinking how to handle it,
and I think we should not accept translated documentation expect for
the README. Let me explain: obsolete docs is worse than no docs.
Maintaining the English docs is hard as it is, maintaining the translated
ones is impossible. Now, for the programming docs, we don't need
translations: we implement alreay a documented interface that has
books in every language. Moreover, if you need to code, you have to
be able to read English, that's the reality. The value of translated
docs is on the user side. Keep in mind that no one likes to read docs,
so I suggest we have a README (that may be translated) which says:
  -- what is Wine, what's required
  -- a _few_ words for a simple install
  -- a _few_ words for the common configuration tweaks
Sort of a QuickStart. It should be small (the current one is too big),
and easy to translate, and maintain.
So installation-und-konfiguration.german is kindda like that.

All the other docs in the tree should be English, me thinks. Man pages
should be translated by the man page translation teams out there.


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