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tom twickline2 at
Sat Sep 21 21:58:11 CDT 2002

> About VxDs, why is the implementation status 5%? Are there more VxDs
> that we should implement? If not and the existing ones are doing their
> job, then maybe the implementation status should be higher: 90% or
> something.
> Concerning 'How to use Winelib': I would change its status from
> 'Adequate' to outdated, and completion from 90% down to something like
> 50%. Though in the case of documentation I have trouble separating
> documentation from implementation. Similarly the 'Wine Porting Tool'
> documentation is getting outdated.
> Nitpick: I would also rename the 'multimedia drivers' (OSS, Alsa, aRts,
> NAS, AudioIO) to 'sound drivers', or are they handling anything else?
Thanks Francois for the feedback ......

I have a Schedule for updating the page.. I am new at this and did not want
get in over my head when I volunteer'd to update the page. And try to do
at once ...So the update is only about 33% done :)
here is a rough draft of my schedule.....

1) ask here for info -- Done
2) read WWN for last Year, look over change log's -- Done
3) first update -- Done :>)
4) ToDo's...... this is where I am now
5) WWN -- Thank you Brian for doing this !!
6) patch first update ,,, Add Shlwapi and other stuff that is not on the
status page now :)
7)Try to get as much info about Documentation as possiable then update again
as I made NO changes in first update to Documentation Status .
8) Look into DLL status .. Maybe do a rewrite of this section and
add/combine Dll's
9) reviw all changes ..apply any patch  that may be needed ( house keep
update )
10) start over .......I should know more about what is going on and it
should move along more fluid .
**) alway's ask for volunteers to help ...


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