winemaker (WAS Where is the specfile documented nowadays?)

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> Am Mit, 2002-09-25 um 01.48 schrieb Bill Medland:
> > (I guess we ought to do something about winemaker too; it still names
> > as
> Can you be more specific? I thought with my latest patches these issues
> with winemaker were settled.

OK.  Here is where I have a slight problem.  (I am quite prepared to accept
that it may be because I am not thinking, I am missing or I am just an

I am trying to create a wrapper around an existing shared object.
testprog.exe is a windows exe that uses three functions exported by
testprog is a linux executable which uses the same three functions exported
by (I guess I should have called it but never mind
that for now)
I want a wrapper that sits around so that it can be called by
testprog.exe under wine.

So I have a proxy wrapper (proxy.c) that uses libdl to load the
and redirect the calls, and I have a shfile.spec (which I am quite prepared
to rename shfile.dll.spec, libshfile.dll.spec or whatever)

Now I want to use winemaker to set up the build environment.

winemaker --nosource-fix --dll --nomfc -I/home/cvswine/wine/include -ldl --s
ingle-target shfile.dll --nogenerated-specs --nowrap .

and I presume that the resulting so has to be installed as
/usr/local/lib/wine/ (at least if it isn't there then it
doesn't get loaded).

But winemaker seems to be setting things up so that it will create

I guess the point is that I am not trying to create the so that "is" the
executable (if you know what I mean); I am trying to create a true dll

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