[Controversial] Developper only CVS sandbox

Shachar Shemesh fribidi-discuss at sun.consumer.org.il
Thu Sep 26 06:07:11 CDT 2002

I don't get it either.

Synch the current WINE CVS on sourceforge with the winehq one. Create a 
branch on the SF CVS. Every so often, create a hook that will commit 
changes to the main WINEHQ cvs to the main SF CVS (or create an 
automatic hook reading from wine-cvs).

Every so often, someone needs to merge the changes in the main tree to 
the branch (happens all the time when you do local development, when you 
do "cvs up").

As for merging - I have had only minor experience with ClearCase, but I 
did perform major merges in CVS. In my experience, it is no more 
diffuclt than the theoretical problem of "how the !#($*!% should the two 
chages be merged". I have not seen anything that suggests to me that 
ClearCase is any better at this. It is better at actually creating the 
branches, etc.

What I suggest:
Someone (we'll call him "WINE SF project manager") needs to make sure 
that the main SF CVS is up to date.
Someone else (we'll call him "D3D project manager", or whatever the 
branch is all about) needs to maintain that branch, perform periodic 
merges, etc. This same someone also needs to occasionally submit the 
branch's state to the winehq CVS.


Martin Wilck wrote:

>Am Mit, 2002-09-25 um 23.35 schrieb Lionel Ulmer:
>>That would be the best... But well, I never heard much good about CVS's
>>prowess in handling branching (with all the mess like handling properly
>>conflicts, precise branch management, ...).
>I have never understood why people keep saying CVS can't do this.
>After all, CVS was made for exactly that. It is easy to setup branches
>and sub-branches, merge, etc., with CVS.
>Every VC system is in trouble when merging branches that have diverged
>for a long time and expose a lot of conflicts, until someone comes up
>with an AI that understands what the different developers actually
>meant. In this respect, CVS is exactly as smart as diff3.
>Some systems may be better than CVS at this, admitted. 
>But as long as there are only a few branches and people keep their stuff
>more or less in sync with main, I think it'd be fine - especially for
>people working on relatively separate subtrees like D3D8.

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