RFC: Winsock todo's

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Fri Sep 27 23:16:06 CDT 2002

Martin Wilck  wrote:
> Although I had a relevant part in implementing the asynchronous IO in
> winsock, I am not quite content with it because it is not really
> asynchronous.

And not really high-performance, I bet (though I wouldn't know,
I haven't looked at the code or tested it).

> Alexandre is against using threads.

Me, too.  glibc uses threads to emulate aio, and the performance is
poor.  On platforms that natively support AIO, I bet you *really* want
to implement Wine AIO using Posix AIO if you can.

> On Linux at least, Ben
> LaHaise's asyncio can be expected to become part of the 
> 2.6 kernel series, and if that happens the wine asynchronous IO
> functionality should be rewritten to use the asyncio API on systems that
> support it. 

Yes.  Exactly.

> (I still havent't figured out whether aio will support
> sockets, though).

It will.  SGI's kaio does already, and Ben's will support it when
he's finished.  That should give good performance.

- Dan

p.s. Looks like the threads implementation for the 2.6 kernel
will rock, too.  See http://www.kegel.com/c10k.html#threaded
(Somebody remind me why Wine has its own threads implementation
again?  Is it because the semantics are too different from Posix

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