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Here is the current state of the ToDo's.
If anyone is aware of changes that need to be made
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Wine ToDo's as of  9/26/02
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Window management:

    * Window management needs proper inter-process handling of
      activation, focus, repaint.

National Language Support:

    * ASCII function work


    * Winsock1 calls,in particular select(),use direct system calls 
instead of using related wine APIs
    * More unit tests need to be written
    * Make sure OOB data is handled properly. Check client-size blocking.
    * WS2: Support other kind of services, like IrDA.
    * Fix stubs left in ws2_32.spec.


    * Make the latency configurable (tunable).
    * More intelligent prebuffering.
    * Complete support for hardware secondary buffers through the HAL
     (for a future ALSA multimedia wave audio driver).
    * 3D sound buffers.
    * Sound capture (recording).

Sound drivers:

    * Alsa driver (on final 0.9 interface)


    * Implement native codecs (RLE...)


    * Write a DIB engine
    * DIB engine to do 32-bit graphics manipulation


    * Enhance memory management issues (interprocess sending)


    * Add a (n)curse backend so that we can run CUI programs without 
using USER32 (and X11 behind)

Native programs:

    * Winhelp: fix invocation thru WinHelp
    * Winedbg: make winedbg use dbghelp DLL

File management:

    * Implement NT file namespace
    * UNC support
    * Allow flexibility in FS "mounting" (for example, SMB shares)


    * Support for non-TT fonts (eg Type1, bitmap, ...)
    * Support for client side rendering on non-RENDER enabled XServers
    * Subpixel rendering - a.k.a. ClearType.
    * Integration with libfontconfig
    * Reduce per font startup time.
    * Libfontconfig support


    * Write a printer configuation applet
    * Fix the Type1 font downloader for HP4000 printers


    * Wine installation process should install and configure wine
    * Winemaker fixes
    * Run C regression tests on Windows with MSVC
    * Compile Wine with -DSTRICT
    * Work on WRC as it does not find system headers


    * Write a proper Users Guide Introduction
    * Documentation updates

Aspect or Component:

    * More DLL Separation
    * BiDi support
    * Review of Wine Server Protocol
    * Finalize Server Protocol
    * PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules)
    * Visual C++'s native COM support
    * Add DWARF2 support
    * Speed up PDB support
    * Create replacement of browser component (Internet Explorer/I

Porting issues for Mingw/Cygwin/MS_VC

    * Better seperation of win16/32 code.
    * Remove/rewite win16/9x api dependancy on newer code
    * Remove/rewrite wineisms from code
    * Rewrite/fix unixisms in most WINE dlls
    * Documentation fixes

low priority items:

    * VxD support with dynamic loading

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