Debugger no more starting

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Mon Sep 30 00:02:23 CDT 2002

On September 30, 2002 12:57 am, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> This will work fine, even if the script starts a Winelib app, 
> except if the app depends on inheriting handles from the parent 
> process, which is a *very* uncommon case.

And I gather that winedbg is just such a case...

> I believe the current behavior is a good compromise between being
> Windows compatible and allowing to launch Unix apps. Some improvements
> may be possible, but make sure you really understand how it works
> first; the behavior is quite complex, precisely because we try to
> always do the right thing.

So it seems, thank you for the explanation. I have no intention of
fiddling with this stuff, don't worry :). It just seemed that your
explanation applied to all winelib apps, and that worried my a little. ;)


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