Winemine colors

Z_God zeldario at
Wed Apr 2 13:12:13 CST 2003

I'm not a Wine developer or something, but as a user I think I prefer the 
green color. Especially since all the other minesweeper games are gray.

As for usability, this is for all apps that come with Wine, is there a script 
or something like that to generate menuicons for these programs? Currently 
when an application is installed, Wine creates a menuicon for it in a Wine 
submenu. Maybe that menu could have Accessoires, Games or at least a submenu 
to contain all the apps that ship with Wine?

Op woensdag 2 april 2003 15:49, schreef Joshua Thielen:
> Anyway, I chose that green color in winemine
> specifically to make it annoying ;). Actually, at the
> time I didn't want it to have a boring old gray
> background, so I chose green in order to make it would
> look like grass (a mine field). But I guess it's
> pretty annoying. Do you have a color preference? Do
> you or anyone else have more suggestions for improving
> winemine? Maybe ideas for a 3D minesweeper game or
> something?

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