gdi32 and wine

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Fri Apr 4 06:54:02 CST 2003

"KK singh" <kk_singh at> wrote:

> > Normally missing GDI32 functions are only called
> > when using native XP core 
> > dlls (user32, perhaps comctl32, comdlg32 and shell32
> > ) too, which will lead
> > to other errors too.
> KK> I am not using any of these in native form...

You *are* using such a dll. It's called...


Find out, what dll or application requires this system
component, which clearly will never work under Wine.

VALUE "CompanyName",       "Adobe Systems"
VALUE "FileDescription",   "Windows NT OpenType/Type 1 API Library."
VALUE "OriginalFilename",  "ATMLIB.DLL"
VALUE "ProductName",       "Adobe Type Manager"


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