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Fri Apr 4 04:51:15 CST 2003

--- Uwe Bonnes
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> >>>>> "KK" == KK singh <kk_singh at> writes:
>     KK> Hi, I am new to wine and it seems I would be
> sticking to it for
>     KK> sometime.
>     KK> I saw the builtin gdi32.dll specs. They seem
> quite different from
>     KK> What I see in dependency walker for gdi32 on
> windows xp.  Actually,
>     KK> due to this difference, I get Function Not
> implemented error when i
>     KK> run wine.
> You missed the crucial information, _what_ function
> is not implemented.

KK> The function not implemented is NamedEscape, it is

KK> used by atmlib.dll. 
KK> When i see atmlib in dependency  walker, it wants 
KK> the function NamedEscape at Entrypoint 77C8F547.
KK> The base address for GDI32 is 000077c7. This means

KK> the function should be implemeted at 0001f547 in 
KK> gdi32.dll and the hint value in imports is 464.
KK> Query 1> Do i need to worry about all this ? (The 
KK> Answer i believe is yes. Murphies law )

KK> Query 2>  How can i sepcify all these details in 
KK> the spec file.
KK> If i make an Entry for NamedEscape (assuming it is

KK> Alphabetically sorted) in the spec file, it seems 
KK> to be getting an ordinal value of 409. How can i 
KK> ensure that it gets the right ordinal value of 
KK> 465. 

> Normally missing GDI32 functions are only called
> when using native XP core 
> dlls (user32, perhaps comctl32, comdlg32 and shell32
> ) too, which will lead
> to other errors too.

KK> I am not using any of these in native form...

>     KK> I am using the 20030318 build of wine from
> winehq.
>     KK> When i opened the gdi32.spec.c file, the
> header says it is
>     KK> automatically generated and that it should
> not be edited.  Now, I
>     KK> want to contribute to wine by updating the
> builtin gdi32.dll
>     KK> parallel to the native one installed on xp.
> The .spec file is the source. Add the functionname,
> the arguments and the
> stub function name there. Implement the stub
> function in an appropriate C
> File in dlls/gdi32.
> If you see that you need more stub functions,
> perhaps consider adding a new
> file for all those unimplemented functions.
>     KK> But, how to go ahead with it ?? Or more
> precisely How gdi32.spec.c
>     KK> is generated using winebuild.  How can I add
> missing
>     KK> functions.. (NamedEscape) and how can i
> update export table of
>     KK> Any suggestions pointers are
> welcome
> Bye
> -- 
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