Implements languagegroups functions

Mike Hearn mike at
Sat Apr 5 04:15:20 CST 2003


Just a few comments, things that have been mentioned to me so I should
probably pass along :)

-  FIXME("stub\n");
-  return FALSE;
+  TRACE("\n");
+  unsigned int i,j,nStrLen;

Normally you'd put a TRACE with the parameters passed after the variable
declarations, I think otherwise it might violate strict C. Also putting
the parameters into the trace statement makes debugging easier as you
don't have to decode a relay trace to see what was given.

Again, I'm not a C expert but I think it's invalid strict C to declare
variables half way through a block, they all have to be at the top of
the function together.

+  }
+  // 1 to 17 is the constants for LGRPID_xxx
+  for(i=1;i<=17;i++) {
+    sprintfW(val,valm,i);
+    length = sizeof(installed);

Wine doesn't like C++ style comments (//) because some C compilers don't
accept them, I think you have to use /* */

Not sure how rigidly this rule is followed though.

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