Implements languagegroups functions

Lionel Ulmer lionel.ulmer at
Sat Apr 5 06:17:50 CST 2003

> Again, I'm not a C expert but I think it's invalid strict C to declare
> variables half way through a block, they all have to be at the top of
> the function together.

It's valid C99 though... And as GCC 3.2.x is a C99 compiler, one will see
more and more such code being submitted as patches (I did it also once by
mistake when I was developping on my laptop which has more recent tools than
my main development machine).

I wonder if it's possible to force GCC 3.2 to act as a C97 compiler.. It
could be used in Wine's configure script to prevent breakage on us poor GCC
2.95.X compilers :-)

> Wine doesn't like C++ style comments (//) because some C compilers don't
> accept them, I think you have to use /* */

I think // is valid C99 too.


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