RtlAtom tests further improved

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at baikal.ru
Mon Apr 7 03:43:58 CDT 2003

"Fabian Cenedese" <Cenedese at indel.ch> wrote:


> I can understand, that the focus lies on needed things, but it's still funny
> comparing these two statements :)

Fabian, let me explain. Alexandre will add clarifications on his own.

NTDLL (so called "native") APIs is a completely undocumented layer of internal
NT APIs, and it's very unlikely that a Win32 application will use that API.
Here I completely agree with Alexandre that it's better to spend the time on
the known bugs and fix the published API (already *a lot* of work) instead of
doing the work for nothing, or inventing virtual bugs. We always can reconsider,
if a real application depending on that APIs will be found.

On the other hand we are forced to implement NTDLL loader related and some
other native APIs, since there are known applications which do use them, and
we need cleanly separate kernel and ntdll.

Hope that helps better understand our priorities.



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