Problems with redhat 8 updated to glibc 2.3.2

Kevin DeKorte kdekorte at
Wed Apr 9 22:09:15 CDT 2003


Wine as of last Friday I know ran fine on an up2date RedHat 8.0 box. The trick 
was to obtain a clean src tar package or delete your working CVS directory 
and recheckout and then ./configure (without the --with-nptl), make depend, 
make, make install on this clean directory 

I have upgrade to RedHat 9 since then. And everything works fine there as well 
as long as you do either 

LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5  before


./configure --with-nptl


On Wednesday 09 April 2003 05:11 pm, Vincent Béron wrote:
> Vincent Béron a écrit:
> > I compiled it this morning on a fully patched Red Hat 8.0 box and it
> > imported the registry just fine. I didn't use wineinstall, but the
> > process to build rpms is mimmicking wineinstall quite closely. Note that
> > you shouldn't use ./configure's --with-nptl switch, as RedHat 8.0
> > doesn't use NPTL.
> >
> > I'll install the produced rpm and tell you what I can gather (I'll be
> > talking to it via ssh w/o X, so it won't be thorough).
> I didn't have a problem running simple command-line programs. We're
> talking about boxes using the glibc-2.3.2-4.80 packages, right?
> Vincent

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