Opening AVI files in Wine

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Wed Apr 9 19:31:52 CDT 2003

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> Subject: Re: Opening AVIs with wine
> Date: Wed,  9 Apr 2003 18:31:03 +0200 (CEST)

> > Please can someone tell me if it is possible for a wine application
> > to open an avi file (or better yet use video for windows codecs).
> in generic terms yes.
> however, avi is an enveloppe to store video files, but the compression used can vary from file to file
> so, you need the specific decompressor to handle a given type of file
> normally, wine is ready (under the MCI and the msvfw32 interfaces at least) to play AVI files
> however, to get further with your issue, we need to know :
> 1/ which interface your program actually uses (MCI, msvfw, directx...)
> 2/ which codecs are installed and configured under wine
> 3/ the type of compressor used for your file
> (btw, does changing the avi file to play changes also what is output - or not output in your case)

Hi Pouche, thanks for your quick reply!

Combustion uses the Video for Windows interface to open AVIs. The VFW 
interface is abstracted through a plugin in combustion's plugin
system. When i use a native msvfw32.dll the overlays inside the app dissapear
and some of the buttons fail to render which is a Bad Thing.. perhaps 
i need to use some other native supporting libraries in order to use native
msvfw32, any suggestions?

As for which codecs are installed and configured, I'm not sure how to tell. I've looked in the registry but cant find much. I have installed the DivX codec but thats about all I have done purposefully.

The format of the files I want to open is Type 2 DVAVI. Selecting other types
doesnt change my output.

This is all getting confusing.. I am reading at

that Microsoft provide interfaces for Type 2 DVAVI only, and only for direct show. This is consistent
with Combustion's inability to read Type 1 files (under windows of course). Does DirectShow = vfw32?

Sorry for the insanely confusing response,


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