Support for pkgconfig

Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at
Mon Apr 14 20:40:03 CDT 2003

>  - wineserver: that's the tricky one. I'm not sure lazy initialization
>	would do anything here, but in the future we may provide a
>	dummy version of sorts where the Winelib user knows there is
>	only one process to worry about. Maybe even start it automatically
>	only if there are more than one process to worry about :)
>Hey, I don't know how feasible this ideas are, but it's probably worth
>it to try to make Winelib more easily useable as a library rather than
>encourage people to hack some bits out of it. I think many of the changes
>are beneficial to Wine in any event. That's why I think tasking out a
>long time goal may be a good thing as some of the tasks may bubble out
>anyway (like the configuration work around winecfg).

I know some Linux distros (RHAT) set wineserver to allways run a a 
background process via xinetd or other rc.d scripts so doesnt this 
method take care of part of the problem of wineserver initialization? I 
mean if the system is going to need wine for software the user is going 
to run most or all the time then shouldnt wineserver always run?


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