Solaris Maintenance

Robert Lunnon bob at
Mon Apr 21 18:32:46 CDT 2003

I am doing some maintenance for Solaris x86

Two major (new) things were noted. 
1. The introduction of ptrace(GETREGS... which is not supported under Solaris 
was patched with a suitable stub file. This will be moved to an emulation of 
ptrace using  /proc debugging facilities as time allows. For now this works 
without the debugger. 

2. There are some NULL pointers being passed to printf and friends again, this 
might work under linux/glibc but is not at all portable to other libc 
implementations where you can expect a segmentation fault

If I might be so bold as to suggest the following advise

1. Check portability of interfaces you use against the docs for the platforms 
Wine supports. For Solaris look at

2. Be carefull about passing null pointers to library  functions unless the 
documentation for all affected systems says it's allowable. Be particularly 
careful with printf and friends because NULL gets accepted silently on linux 
(quite improperly IMHO).

Now I have one question
Someone cleaned up a whole pile of NULL pointer passing to printf some time 
ago, how was this done ?  I.E. was there a generallised solution to this 
problem or was it an instance by instance search and destroy mission ?



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