windres: -J -I (take 4)

Nick Clifton nickc at
Tue Apr 22 12:28:54 CDT 2003

Hi Dimitrie,

> 2003-04-15  Dimitrie O. Paun  <dpaun at>
>         * windres.c (format_from_name): make the exit on error
>          behaviour optional.
>         (main): Rename the -I option to -J. Introduce -I as synonym
>         for --include-dir. For backwards compatibility also support the
>         old -I behaviour, but issue a deprecation warning.
>         * doc/binutils.texi: Rename -I to -J. Document the new behaviour
>         of the -I option.
>         * testsuite/binutils-all/windres/windres.exp: Add test for the
>         new -J option.

Approved and applied.  (Finally!)

I am sorry - I had a problem with the FSF - their email to me about
your assignment had become lost in the system.  Now that we have
sorted that out, I have applied your patch.  There were two small
problems with it:

Firstly you included the change to windres.exp in the ChangeLog for
the rest of the changes.  The binutils/testsuite directory has its own
ChangeLog and any entries for alterations to tests ought to go in
there.  Secondly the change to windres.exp added the use of -J but it
did not remove the use of -I.  Since using -I now generates a warning
message, ans since the test harness will fail any test producing
unexpected warning messages, lots of tests started failing.

I have fixed both of these problems.  (I removed the use of -I in
windres.exp, since it is now deprecated).


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