Mac OS X and Wine troubles

Pierre d'Herbemont stegefin at
Sat Apr 26 15:16:36 CDT 2003


First of all I have a good news :) : Wine is able to build on Mac OS X.

We decided not to follow WineHQ cvs version for early build, in order 
not to be so much disturbed by others wine development and not to 
produce bad patches, but don't worry ;) we are (of course!) planing to 
send patches, I hope they would be integrated...

I had never use Wine before so sorry for the basic questions.
I ran wineinstall, everything goes well until wineinstall attempts to 
launch regedit. Wine goes wrong, it tells me :

Warning: no valid DOS drive found, check your configuration file.
Warning: could not find wine config [Drive x] entry for current working 
directory /Users/steg/Documents/Programmation/wine; starting in windows 
/Users/steg/Documents/Programmation/wine/miscemu/wine: cannot find 

For me the problem comes from somewhere in the reading of the file 
~/.wine/config, which exists and is parsed, but maybe I missed 
something in wine configuration (like a register file or something)? 
Could someone tell we wether I am wrong or not?

Secondly I manage to copy a windows folder to the root '/' of my disk, 
so I can launch an app with the command "wine notepad.exe". I added a 
basic Mach-O (Mac OS X binary file format) compatibility to libwine in 
order the file type to be recognized. But now I am getting error like:

wine: could not load 'C:\windows\regedit.exe': dlcompat: dyld: wine 
Undefined symbols:

I suppose that the problem comes from the fact that the dlls are not 
loaded before the notepad.exe, assuming that the problem is still 
related with the ~/.wine/config reading. Do I suppose right?

If you have any idea of what could be wrong, or just a thought drop me 
a line, it could be very useful :)



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